Jan 8 2018

Kroll Ontrack Announces Global Rebrand to Ontrack

Dec 14 2017

Kroll Ontrack Continues to Donate Data Recovery Services for Businesses & Residents Impacted by California Wildfires

Kroll Ontrack Continues to Donate Data Recovery Services for Businesses & Residents Impacted by California Wildfires
Oct 24 2017

Kroll Ontrack presents new release of Ontrack® EasyRecovery™ with enhanced features for Windows® and MacOS®

Kroll Ontrack has released a new Ontrack EasyRecovery software with enhanced features for Windows and MacOS.
Jul 27 2017

Internet tips for DIY data recovery to blame for permanent data loss

Jun 28 2017

Users of virtual platforms are victims of data losses because of their own mistakes

The data recovery specialists at Kroll Ontrack discovered that after almost a decade of recovering data from virtualized servers the causes of data loss in the most popular hypervisor platforms (VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V) remains almost unchanged.
Dec 13 2016

Data Storage Trends: Will spinning disks be around in 2020?

Kroll Ontrack lists 2016 trends in data storage technologies and makes predictions for 2017, including the continued use of flash storage, challenges with hyper-converged storage, rise in ransomware cases, the use of encryption and the role of information security in IT decisions.
Dec 1 2016

Survey: More than 50 percent of companies run multiple backup solutions, driving up legacy (tape) management costs

Maintaining multiple legacy backup solutions significantly increases tape management costs and exposes the business to unnecessary risk. Kroll Ontrack recently surveyed 819 global IT administrators on the processes and challenges associated with effective tape management and archiving.
May 31 2016

Survey: Data loss from solid state disk (SSD) technology increases with wider adoption

In a recent Kroll Ontrack survey, nearly 2,000 global respondents indicated they are increasingly adopting solid state disk (SSD) technology and other advanced storage technologies, with 92 percent claiming to use SSD technology currently. Along the same lines, Kroll Ontrack has seen SSD recoveries become a larger percentage of the full mix of media types on which data recovery is performed.
Mar 31 2016

Buyers of backup solutions look increasingly to the cloud over physical storage according to Kroll Ontrack survey

World Backup Day on March 31 highlights the importance of having a complete, tested backup solution in place when data loss occurs. The cloud is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses and consumers looking to add or modify their backup solution.
Mar 15 2016

Kroll Ontrack Research: One-third of companies experience data loss when moving data

Kroll Ontrack warns that one-third of organizations lose data while migrating between devices or upgrading operating systems. In a global survey of nearly 600 IT administrators, over half of respondents had a backup solution in place at time of loss, 75 percent were not able to restore all of their lost data, and more than one-in-five unable to recover any data at all.
Dec 8 2015

Year in Review: High-capacity storage systems and data security top data recovery conversations in 2015

A spike in adoption of complex, high-end software defined storage (SDS) systems was the top trend impacting the data recovery industry in 2015, resulting in demand for more enhanced recovery technologies for businesses. Other trends on the rise include the need for better data privacy and security as well as enhanced legacy data management technologies.
Nov 18 2015

Kroll Ontrack announces the worst data disasters from 2015

What’s stronger than a speeding locomotive and can survive the heat of a fire? Data. The device that contains that data is a different story, but the 2015 edition of Kroll Ontrack’s annual Top Data Disasters again proves just how hard it is for data to be destroyed. An iPad accidentally dropped on train tracks, a smartphone covered in chemicals, and a laptop that gave new meaning to the term “fried hard drive” are some of the highlights from this year’s list.
Oct 21 2015

Kroll Ontrack Research: Nearly one-third of organizations are without insight into legacy data content

A new survey of IT administrators shows organizations are putting themselves at risk for legal action and/or financial penalties due to an inability to quickly target and retrieve data from legacy tape archives. Conducted by data recovery expert Kroll Ontrack, the global survey of 720 IT administrators found 30 percent of respondents do not have clear insight into what specific information is stored within their tape archives.
Oct 7 2015

Blancco Technology Group and Kroll Ontrack Study Finds Lingering Data After Used Electronics Are Resold Online

Oct 6 2015

Kroll Ontrack offers data recovery discount for storage devices affected by storms in South Carolina and along the East Coast.

Jul 15 2015

Kroll Ontrack achieves industry breakthrough by retrieving data from overwritten LTO-6 tape cartridges

Kroll Ontrack today announced a technical breakthrough with the development of a unique toolset to retrieve overwritten data from LTO-6 tape cartridges – a significant first for the data recovery industry. Overwritten LTO-6 tapes cause major problems for organizations utilizing them as part of their backup protocols, as the original data on the tape is no longer available and crucial information can be permanently lost.
Jun 16 2015

Kroll Ontrack offers businesses a fast and easy solution to manage the erasure process with the launch of a hosted erase solution

Kroll Ontrack today launched a hosted erasure solution to empower businesses to easily and securely manage their data erasure projects. Hosted erasure is deployed via the Blancco Management Console, freeing small- and medium-sized businesses from the setup, operation and cost of the administration infrastructure such as reporting servers or SQL databases.
Jun 9 2015

Kroll Ontrack Research: Data loss due to IT administrator oversights may heighten information security risks

Kroll Ontrack today released its most recent list of common IT administrator errors that can lead to data loss and network downtime. The findings indicate that the complexity in storage environments and sheer growth in data volume can mean impactful data loss when human error strikes, leaving many organizations vulnerable to security risks and financial implications if they do not properly invest in and adhere to technology risk management policies.
May 19 2015

Kroll Ontrack expands Datto® partnership to equip MSPs with targeted SQL table restoration tool

May 12 2015

Kroll Ontrack named Staples Canada 2014 Tech Services Vendor of the Year

Apr 21 2015

Kroll Ontrack survey reveals that nearly 90 percent of SQL restore requests are due to human error

Mar 31 2015

Survey: Most people back up their data, but data loss challenges still prevail according to Kroll Ontrack

Feb 26 2015

Kroll Ontrack survey reveals solid state disk (SSD) technology highly adopted, but not infallible

Feb 19 2015

Kroll Ontrack “cracks the code” on software-defined storage data loss

Kroll Ontrack announced it is the first company with the ability to successfully perform data recovery services for all Leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of software-defined storage (SDS). Applying their proprietary data recovery methodology, Kroll Ontrack is able to decode the configuration for software-defined storage solutions and restore access to data at the point in time in which it was lost.
Feb 9 2015

Before you clean up for National Clean Out Your Computer Day, back up!

Dec 17 2014

NetJapan and Kroll Ontrack announce global strategic partnership

Dec 9 2014

Year in Review: How data security dominated the data recovery conversation in 2014

Nov 19 2014

Kroll Ontrack announces the worst data disasters from 2014

Nov 11 2014

Kroll Ontrack helps SanDisk SSD customers get back up and running

Nov 4 2014

Kroll Ontrack fundamentally changes SQL Server table restores with the launch of Ontrack PowerControls for SQL

Sep 16 2014

Kroll Ontrack demonstrates successful data recoveries with multiple helium-filled hard drives

Kroll Ontrack announced its engineers have successfully recovered data from several helium-filled hard disk drives (HDD). With a dedicated research and development (R& D) team, Kroll Ontrack proactively created data loss scenarios across multiple drives to develop a path to recovery before a customer need arose.
Aug 12 2014

Kroll Ontrack announces new version of its proprietary Remote Data Recovery service

Aug 5 2014

Accidental deletion top cause for email restoration requests

May 28 2014

Kroll Ontrack expands its support for externalized storage and shredded files to StorSimple SharePoint Database Optimizer

Kroll Ontrack announced the availability of Ontrack® PowerControls™ version 7.2. Adding support for StorSimple SharePoint Database Optimizer, in addition to Metalogix StoragePoint and FileStream, Ontrack PowerControls is a comprehensive tool for accessing, searching and restoring externalized Microsoft SharePoint 2013 data.
Apr 29 2014

Kroll Ontrack partners with Future Shop to provide comprehensive data recovery software and services

Partnership provides Future Shop customers with access to leading data recovery technology and services
Feb 19 2014

Data recovery and data migration services are key drivers of business growth for resellers in 2014

Kroll Ontrack today revealed the findings of a global research study1 that showed the majority (77 percent) of resellers see data recovery as a key driver for business growth in 2014. Nearly two-thirds (60 percent) of resellers said that they believed data migration would also fuel growth, while 27 percent thought that data erasure would drive sales.
Feb 12 2014

Technology Breakthrough Cuts Industry’s Data Recovery Time on Encrypted Hard Drives from Days to Hours

Software engineers at data recovery leader Kroll Ontrack have developed a new technology that can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to recover encrypted hard drives with a logical or physical failure – a key development in light of the growing number of cyber threats that are driving the adoption of encrypted drives.
Jan 22 2014

Kroll Ontrack addresses externalized content storage – including shredded files – and live mailbox collection with Ontrack PowerControls 7.1

Kroll Ontrack announced the availability of Ontrack® PowerControls™ version 7.1. This enhancement allows IT administrators to access, search and restore externalized data from Metalogix RBS (Remote BLOB Storage), including externalized Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 shredded files, as well as collect and export data from a live Microsoft Exchange Server.