Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kroll Ontrack expands relationship with Geek Squad to include an Ontrack Online partner portal to streamline the data recovery process

First partner of many to have the ability to register, manage and complete jobs in one, easy-to-use interface

TORONTO, April 17, 2012 – Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery, information management and legal technologies products and services, today announced the release of an Ontrack® Online Partner Portal for data recovery service partner Geek Squad to maximize transparency and streamline the user experience during the data recovery process. Ensuring the highest level of data recovery service and success for Geek Squad data recovery customers throughout the United States and Canada since 2007, the Ontrack Online Partner Portal empowers Geek Squad clients to efficiently and effectively register, manage and complete projects in a centralized portal utilizing a single easy-to-use interface.

Key features within the Ontrack Online Partner Portal include:

  • Efficient online registration to initiate a project when it’s convenient for a Geek Squad store location, therefore expediting the data recovery process for the end customer.
  • Effective project management to track project status online from registration though project completion and initiate authorization of project work with a single mouse click. Users of the portal can also view, search and filter projects for complete visibility into project details, both active and completed, and make more informed decisions about the results of their data recovery submissions.
  • Easy project completion by authorizing project deliverables, submitting payment and obtaining access to project outputs online, as they become available.
  • Expert online help via FAQs, video tutorials and training documents as well as direct access to a designated client services representative or project manager.

“The Ontrack Online Partner Portal addresses the trend toward greater self-service and demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the experience and support our partners require,” said John Riddell, Canada operations manager, Kroll Ontrack. “We are thrilled to be able to offer Geek Squad the first opportunity in Canada to experience the automated, ease-of-use, real-time transparency and security advantages of the Ontrack Online Partner Portal.”

“When data loss ensues, a client wants to know two things: if and when we can get their data back,” said Andrew Wong, mission specialist, Geek Squad. “With the ability to leverage a single, secure online inference, we’ve improved our ability to manage data loss jobs, and most importantly, the time it takes to get clients’ lost data back to them.”